What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care
  • Balance comfort measures and treatments for cure or control of serious disease
  • Focuses on achieving the best possible quality of life through:
* Relief of suffering
* Control of symptoms
* Making the most of your ability to carry out day-to-day activities
  • May start at the time of diagnosis of a serious illness and be provided throughout the course of the illness
 What palliative care services are covered?
  • Eligibility for palliative care services is determined by the payer (Medicare, Medicaid, VA or other 3rd party insurance company); availability of palliative care services may vary across the country
  • Palliative care services vary depending on the payer and may include:  
* Comfort care consultations and follow-up visits by interdisciplinary team members and volunteers
* Assessment and treatment plan recommendations
* Support for medical decision-making
* Visits at home, hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility
* Consultation with your physician(s)
* Telephone check-in calls when appropriate
* Practical assistance from trained volunteers when appropriate
* Information, referrals and care coordination to access community resources